A Bologna dal 1919

A little bit of history

The Great War is over and the city is in full swing. In a big room close to the Rhine channel, Giuseppe Minganti starts its activity as a machine tools constructor, while Carlo Regazzoni and Cesare Donati acquire the bullet factory Sigma and found the Officine di Casaralta. Another firm, Morara, is founded and specializes in mechanic engineering, as well as Torrefazione Filicori Zecchini.

In the meantime, a very young team supervised by the great Angiolino Badini comes forward in the “Primi Calci” Tournament. Thanks to them, Bologna wins the football prize in 1925. In the same year, the popular restaurant of the Independent Consumer Body opens in via Ugo Bassi at Sala Borsa. A dish costs 3,50 Italian Liras (fixed price) and consists of dry soup or broth, a second meat or fish dish, fruit or cheese and some bread.

The expansion of Mercato di Mezzo and the construction of new buildings leads to the destruction of eight towers. Among them, the towers Artenisi, Guidozagni and Riccadonna, which are located near the Mercanzia Palace. The ’19 news also registers some deaths. Giuseppe Ragni, itinerant seller and king of the imbarkers at the Square dies tragically: he could sell everything, even flea cages. He was also a storyteller and famous for his clever zirudèle (nursery rhimes).

Augusto Rossi also dies, the author of “Il Pappagallo”, the most important humorous newspaper in Italy. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but we like to think that Giovanni Zurla opened his restaurant Al Pappagallo in that year and dedicated it to good humor. Zurla, a famous professional chef much loved by the Bologna aristocracy, opened the restaurant with his sons in via Pescherie. At the prestigious restaurant one can eat at a mode particulière, green lasagnas and Dutch-style fillet, tagliatelle turtlein bì, péin e zàl (nice, filled and yellow tortellinis). A common joke to tell is that “at the Pappagallo restaurant we eat like a pope and from capon one becomes yellow”. In 1937, just after Giovanni’s death, the restaurant is moved some feet away at Piazza della Mercanzia, in the ancient Casa Bolognini.

Al Pappagallo

For more than fifty years, Bruno Tasselli has been considered the chef of one of the best restaurants in Europe. He grew up at the Zurla school. His dishes are enjoyed by celebrities and legendary people of cinema, culture and music: from Sophia Loren to Gina Lollobrigida, from Alfred Hitchcock to Sharon Stone, from Gerry Mulligan to Lionel Richie, from Tullio Carminati to Ugo Tognazzi, from Brigitte Nielsen to Matt Dillon, from Franco Capuana to Gino Marinuzzi, from Dino Sarti to Francesco Guccini. To cite some more: Tullio Solenghi, Alberto Bevilacqua, Marco Di Marco and Concetto Pozzati.

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