Piatti e Bicchieri

Our MenĂ¹

A local cuisine with a touch of creativity, paying extra attention to the choice of the ingredients and the constant search for the right balance between smells, scents and tastes. The perfect marriage between elegance and reception, tradition and innovation, local and international cuisine.

Our Winery

Our wine collection reflects an emoziona path of taste, tradition and innovation, with a great selection of champagne, local and International wines. Moreover, ou winery offers a private selection depending on the availability of some exceptionnally rare and prized wines.

Our Beers

We offer our guests a selection of beers from the historical WarsteinerBrauerei, such as Premium Pils, Koenig Ludwig Weissbier (best 2018 wheat beer in the world) and Pater Linus (Belgian brassade beer from the Koenigmuenster Abbey).

A unique experience

Tradition awaits you