Noi Due

My basic principle is that success comes sooner if you are able to imagine it.

In other words, I never believed in improvisation, because even thug they are gourmets and sommeliers, they are also professionals with a long management and entrepreneurial career in fashion. The restaurant I acquired with Elisabetta in summer 2017 only had a past of excellence and prestige still remembered by the people of Bologna. I’ve been living in this city since I was 18 and I have refined my culinary culture by attending restaurants and chefs across Italy. Today I can confirm something: I love cooking and I feel as I came from Bologna more than from Turin. Al Pappagallo started from the kitchen and fresh ingredients, creating and experimenting myself the dishes in order to bring back a long forgotten memory within the city walls. I completely rethought the menu, the wine list and communication. I selected the staff – approximately 20 chefs and waiters – and I have renewed the opening hours by introducing the all-day opening from 11 AM to 23 PM, staying open past midnight at weekends. After the first year, the turnover speaks for itself.

Michele Pettinicchio

Good cuisine is for me united to one’s family.

I was born in Bologna and, as many others, I grew up seeing how grandmothers prepared pasta sheets. The smell of ragù from the kitchen reminds me several childhood emotions. My paternal grandparents had a restaurant for years and my father loved good cuisine and the joy of food. I learnt from him the love for refined tastes and the quality of ingredients. Ever since I was little, he taught me that even scents, tastes and presentation are important. Such teachings are still within me, especially the fact that a successful restaurant is a matter of balance. On one hand, one has to be able to create a completely positive experience for the client, from every point of view. On the other hand, one has to be able to financially sustain such a venue and profit from it. To this effect, Michele and I complete each other, so that every small gastronomic and management feature are treated in detail.

Elisabetta Valenti

A unique experience

Tradition awaits you