Al Pappagallo oggi

The Authentic Bologna Cuisine

Good traditional cuisine in Bologna is not easy to find. At the same time, it is very rewarding when well done. We are in the home of good food, in the city where the culture of taste, conviviality and abundance reigns. Many guests from Bologna still remember the smell of home-made ragù and can recognize from the first bite if the kitchen staff is worthy. Other guests from Bologna are not so picky and don’t test so much. Still, people from Bologna and from other places come to Al Pappagallo to discover the real cuisine of Bologna, and we must be ready for it.

This daily challenging meeting made us thinks a lot about what it takes to do high level cuisine, in such a place that is the symbol of Bologna’s gastronomy. Our idea recalls the structure of a tortellino, the round culture of hospitality. Attention to every single detail. No compromise in the choice of the best ingredients.

Tradition with creativity

We are sometimes asked how one can taste the value and quality of a traditional dish without being predictable. The answer is in our traditional Bologna principle, from which we build everything else. Bologna is some kind of crossroads of all Italian subcultures, not only gastronomical ones, because it is a welcoming, curious and caring city. This translates in the fact that you can taste other parts of Italy in the first courses dressings, through variations, new ingredients and presentations, just as in fashion or in music.

The choice of only having fresh pasta is essential for us. The cooking point is just as crucial and in it we hold our little secret. The tagliatella is nicely rough and there are of course no shortcuts: only the rolling pin is used. Tradition is the starting point every single day, so that the tagliatelle at Al Pappagallo are truly unique. At the same time, we want to stimulate our guests with creative interpretations and reinterpretations that allow us to find something new even in the most traditional dishes. Our choice of absolute loyalty tradition is still in constant evolution.


Torre Alberici is another dream coming true. Located alongside the restaurant palace, it is the oldest shop in Bologna, since in 1273 Amedeo Alberici and Siripere Chiari decided to remove the walls at the base of the tower to build a cheese-making shop.

Since 2017, the Torre (Tower) is part of Al Pappagallo restaurant. It is a single venue, high and suggestive with its own entrance. We like it because it offers the real scent of Bologna’s historical gastronomy. It is for this reason that we saved it for aperitifs and after-dinners and 2 AM, and why we furnished it with prosciutto from Ghirardi Prosciutti di Langhirano and the prized culatelli by Angelo Capasso di Soragna, which are to be seen just as in traditional groceries stores. In the revamped shop there are just a few tables and places: we like to offer our own good taste temple with 850 years of history.

A unique experience

Tradition awaits you